Brian Jones vs. Mick and Keith

The other day I stumbled upon a Brian Jones Facebook fan page. I innocently made a short comment on one of the threads. Days later I’ve ended up getting over a hundred responses (and counting) to my comment, and all the arguments are still raging back and forth with no end in sight. The arguments basically revolve around two basic positions:

a.) Brian Jones was the true genius of the Rolling Stones, the leader of the band, until those two back-stabbing bastards Mick and Keith stole the band from him, took all the credit for themselves, and destroyed Brian in the process.
b.) Mick and Keith were the real talents in the band, Brian was a drugged-out, degenerate loser, and the Rolling Stones would have ended up as nothing more than a 2nd-rate blues cover band playing small clubs in London if Mick and Keith hadn’t written all of them classic hit songs.

I realized this is an argument that has been going on for over 50 years. And will probably continue going on well into the foreseeable future.

. . . I suppose that next I should go onto a Beatles Facebook fan page and opine that John was better than Paul. See what kind of response that gets. . .


One thought on “Brian Jones vs. Mick and Keith

  1. Seems to me the Stones got less “trippy” and “colorful” after BJ left. Their music became more straight ahead blues-based rock, which turned out to be the style that they stuck with from then on.

    BJ was the source of a lot of that color to their early music IMO. Guy was a fuck-up but a very imaginative fuck-up.


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