Hate Man being interviewed by reporters from the Daily Cal

Hate Man is one of those guys I miss. I miss him every day. When Hate died in 2016 it was like my life was diminished. There was a hole on my life that couldn’t be filled.

A lot of people felt that way about Hate Man. He was a unique person who fulfilled an important role in a lot of people’s lives.


I think I can see the writing on the wall. All the omens are screaming loud and clear. “I’M DOOMED!!!!”

Sometimes I wonder if the whole spin of this wheel of incarnation was to be punished. And I got my punishment. Oh boy. To be hurt over and over. Until you’re finally destroyed. Such is life. Such was my life. How badly can I be hurt? What new way is there to stick the knife into my heart? Until I finally can’t stand it any more. And I beg for nothing except death. As the only relief from this hideous life. My life.