Mini Scaredy factsheet:

  • Born in August 2016, she recently turned 6 (about 35 in human years)
  • Mother was Scaredy Cat, father was probably Owl.
  • Lost her virginity at 8 months (to Owl) and had two miscarriages but never had kittens before I finally had her fixed.
  • She was such a holy terror to deal with when I took her to the vet to get fixed, the workers named her Elohssa (which is Asshole spelled backwards).
  • She’s the alpha cat of my campsite and over the years she systematically ran off all the other feral cats that had been living in the vicinity.
  • Mini Scaredy is the best hunter of all of my cats and could probably survive quite nicely on her own — she rarely eats any of the cat food I put in her food dish, aside from the crunchy dry cat food which she likes.
  • Right on cue, Mini Scaredy just returned and dumped a mouse — still twitching — onto my blankets (I always know when she has a catch, she makes a distinctive “meow” sound when she first shows up to announce her latest triumph).

(a Mini Scaredy story: )


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