Morning with Mini Scaredy

It’s another morning. In a seemingly endless expanse of mornings…. I’m hungover as fuck so I thought I’d do something very original and novel and post a photo of one of my cats. So there you go. … Somehow, on a very small and miniscule level, I truly believe this post has made this world of ours a slightly better place to live in. . . Though, as usual, I could be wrong.

It’s weird. After all these years of drinking you’d think I’d have it down pat (as Richard Nixon said to his wife after seeing Deep Throat). And I’m generally a functional alcoholic. But last night, after a usual night of drinking, when I stood up to leave, I went careening off to the left, I lost my balance, I was “fighting the laws of gravity” as they say. I didn’t fall down. I managed to slam into the side of this wall which helped to right myself, temporarily. But as I wobbled and staggered my way up the road I thought “This is weird.” Because I was almost the cartoon caricature of the poorly walking drunk. And it was weird. Because I hadn’t drunk significantly more than usual. But, for whatever reason, it was hitting my central nervous system more than usual…. So as I walked I reminded myself, “YOU’RE drunk!!” Just to be extra careful. Make sure I don’t lose my wallet, or fall into a ditch and go to sleep…. Jim Morrison (who would know) had one good line about alcohol: “Drinking is like playing Russian Roulette. You never know where you’ll wake up in the morning.”

Mini Scaredy’s favorite thing to do is to lay on top of me when I’m laying under my blankets. I think she likes being perched on that elevated height — she has a good viewpoint to spot any predators that might be coming at her from every direction. . . Even when I’m sleeping on my side, Mini Scaredy somehow manages to stay balanced in that precarious position and sleep on top of me. . . Some nights, when I’m having a hard time getting to sleep, and keep tossing and turning, Mini Scaredy will finally give up. She’ll hop off of me and trot over to another favorite nesting spot — this bed of leaves nearby — and spend the night sleeping there. But as soon as I wake up in the morning, Mini Scaredy immediately comes rushing back to my blankets and climbs atop to say good morning.

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