Life among the wild critters

The coyote showed up again this morning. Mini Scaredy instantly spotted him again, making that gutteral growling sound. The coyote galloped across the woods very close to where I’m camping. He really seems to be circling around my campsite. I made a shooing gesture towards him with my fist. When he saw me, he went running off in full sprint. I got up and headed down the trail in the direction he ran, to see if I could further run him off. But he was nowhere in sight. I’m on his turf in a way, living in the woods. And he can disappear off into the woods way faster than I could ever catch him.

Shortly after, Rocky the Raccoon casually showed up for some breakfast. . . None of the other critters in the woods seem unduly concerned about the presence of the coyote lurking around in the vicinity. Mini Scaredy went right back to sleep.

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