Telegraph Avenue Street characters: Wizard the Tarot reader

Just got this message from Gigio:
“Hey man, I wanted to let you know that Wizard, former Tarot reader & Telegraph street folk, passed away recently. He passed away late last January. I’m not sure what day he passed exactly but I know it was near his birthday. Don’t know exactly what his birthday is either, just that it was between the 19th & the 22nd. Can’t remember the date! He died in his home in Nevada up in the high desert about an hour out of Elko & Reno.”

Wizard was a very cool guy. A long-time member of the Telegraph street scene, with a wry sense of humor and enigmatic aura. He was also a great drummer. He was a regular at Hate Man’s drum circle, and he used to set up the buckets and metal objects like a full drum kit, and he played them like one. I can still hear him wailing away on those drums in my memory.

RIP Wizard

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