RIP the legendary Mabuhay Gardens / On Broadway Theater

Like a lot of people, I had my moments at that joint: The Mabuhay Gardens/On Broadway Theater (the legendary Ness Aquino and Dirk Dirksen, the empressarios).

1980 — going to the Mab for the first time on the night that John Lennon died, tripping on acid.
1982 — delivering stacks of Twisted Image #1 hot off the press to all the punk rockers at the On Broadway.
1982 — interviewing John Doe and Xene and Billy Zoom of X backstage after a gig at the On Broadway.
1983 — putting on the first Biker’s Bash bike messenger concert at the On Broadway
1983 — seeing a psychotic set by Henry and Black Flag (with my beloved punk rock pal Mary Mayhem) at the On Broadway.
1983 — putting on a Twisted Image benefit concert at the Mabuhay (featuring Kwikway and Slug Lords).
1984 — going to the last show of the Dirk Dirksen era On Broadway with my cartoonist friend John “Baboon Dooley” Crawford — Dead Kennedys headlined naturally (an official end of an era).
1984 — I put on one last Biker’s Bash at a revamped On Broadway under new ownership after Dirksen bowed out — the show was a disaster (Bad Habit headlined) they didn’t even have a decent sound system set up, and that effectively ended my bike messenger career.

It was an honor to be a small part of such a legendary venue.


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