I’m still pissed at how Dr. Mira Lim butchered one of my eyes when I had cataracts surgery 7 months ago. If you look closely at my eye on the right of the photo you can see how she permanently disfigured it. And 7 months later I’m still dealing with trying to repair the damage she did to my eye.

So — you know me — yesterday I went to Yelp to post a stinging rebuke, a bad “one-out-of-five” stars review for Dr. Mira Lim. Thumbs down! Called her a “quack” and etc…

But I have to add: Of the other 30 reviews on Yelp she got 4-and-a-half stars… So maybe she just fucked up on me by the law of averages…. Doctors aren’t perfect after all. They make mistakes.

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