Sometimes you get a break, you get lucky (but as Chinaski said: “That counts too!”)

I feel like I got a reprieve. Like I’ve been given a second chance. Ya know? Like when they’re strapping you down to the electric chair and they’re just about to turn on the juice. And at the last second you get a call from the Governor saying: “Stop the electrocution! I’m giving you a full pardon!!” And you’re not doomed after all. You’ve been granted a reprieve.

Last week I was freaking out thinking I was going blind (my eyeballs are my Achilles Heel, health-wise, they’re in a very precarious state). But it turned out my eyes are still functional. So I might still get some more years as a functional human being. Before I eventually, inevitably, burn out. So it was like being granted a reprieve. Being given more years to live and prosper.

I’ll probably just fuck up these remaining years. But still. I’m happy to have them. Knock knock.


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