Mini Scaredy freaking out in the wind

Poor Mini Scaredy. She had a rough night (and morning)! She’s programed to react to every sound in the woods as if it’s a potential predator that’s coming to get her. There was a fierce wind all night long. The trees swaying wildly in the breeze. Branches thrashing against each other, crashing to the ground. Bushes rustling in the wind. A cacophony of noise coming at her from every direction. Her head swinging back and forth in the direction of every sound. Like she’s surrounded by unseen enemies coming at her from everywhere. Eyes as big as saucers. Meowing helplessly at me over and over (nothing I can do, can’t stop the wind!). Periodically she’d run off into the woods. But there was no escape from the wind. It was everywhere.

Poor dear. . . She’ll survive.

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