Mini Scaredy the feral cat fails to grasp the concept of the tent

I set up my pop-up tent for the first time this morning (thanks again, Danny!). . . I remember the night when I set it up for the first time last year, it took awhile for Mini Scaredy to figure out the concept. She kept circling around the tent in the darkness, meowing and meowing. She had spent her whole life roaming around in the open air, after all. So to enter into an enclosed structure was a completely foreign concept to her. Finally, she decided to jump up on TOP of my tent. Bad move. Her weight caused the roof of the tent to collapse a bit. And then it suddenly expanded back up the other way and flung her in the air like she had been flung off a trampoline. Ha ha. I heard her landing in the bushes off in the distance. Poor girl.

But finally she figured out how to enter into the tent from the front flap. And now she loves it!


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