Ace Backwords, Mini Scaredy and the invention of the tent

Rained steadily all night long. Got at least an inch of rain overnight — the first real rain in Berkeley in 10 months. So that’s a great relief to one and all. And maybe a sign that it’ll be a normal winter and we’ll get some relief from the dreaded Drought. . .

Mini Scaredy finally showed up around 2 in the morning. Soaking wet. But purring like crazy. And damn happy to be inside the tent. We slept soundly all night, as snug as a slug in a glug. And my mighty little pop-up tent held up just fine. . . Periodically Mini Scaredy would gaze at the tent, and gaze at me, with a look of amazement. Apparently she thinks it’s nothing short of miraculous that I’ve been able to somehow conger up this tent out of thin air. This device that somehow keeps us dry and warm in the midst of a raging storm. I think she thinks I’m some kind of genius who actually invented this amazing contraption, the tent. . . I’m happy to take all the credit.


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