I’m ambivalent…. Not really

I’m one of those people who has mixed, ambivalent feelings about everything.

For example: On one level I don’t care what ANYBODY thinks about me. Fuck them… But on another level I want everyone to like me and love me.

On one level, I don’t care about ANY criticisms about me. “EWWW!! You think I’m an asshole? You really hurt my feelings. LOL!!” … But on another level every criticism really hurts and I remember every unkind remark hurled at me and I’m sensitive as shit.

On one level I want to charm everybody and fool everybody into thinking I’m this great guy…. On another level I get a kick out of being abrasive and insulting and pushing the envelope.

On one level I don’t care if anyone unfriends me on my Facebook page… On another level, I notice every single person who unfriends me and rejects me.

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