All-out war at the cat-feeding spot

It was just a madhouse trying to feed Fatty and Moo Cat this morning. They’re both ravenously hungry, having burned up a lot of calories the last couple days battling the rain storms. So they’re jumping all over me as I’m trying to get the cat food out of my backpack. Further complicating things, the grounds are covered with mud, so I can’t sit down or even put my hand down without my clothes and hands getting slathered with mud. So I’m squatting there in this awkward, painful posture. Not only that, the storm swept all the cat food dishes down the hill and into the creek so I have nothing to put the cat food in. I crack open a can of cat food and put that down for them to eat directly out of, but they both start hissing and fighting and slashing over the food. I open a second can, to try and separate the cats, but they’re both convinced the other one is getting the better food (even though it’s the exact same food!!) so they both converge on the same can and continue fighting. I walk down the hill in search of some of the food dishes. When I come back they’re still snarling and hissing at each other. I manage to separate them slightly by putting the food into two separate dishes. But I can’t keep the peace like I usually do by lying on the ground in between them while they eat, on account of the ground being too muddy to lay on. . . Right on cue Mini Scaredy (that little stinker) shows up, sits there perveying the scene from about 20 yards away with a mischievous glint in her eye. I know EXACTLY what she’s thinking: she’s considering running down there and chasing them both off the scene and up trees and completely blowing up the breakfast feeding scene. . .

Sometimes dealing with the three cats together is like dealing with three bratty 2-year-olds who don’t play well with others and are constantly feuding and fighting and throwing tantrums. . . Like I always say: “All my cats hate each other but they all love me.” Sometimes I want to chide them for their lack of loyalty to their own species. “You bastards could probably rule the world if you just banded together.” Sheesh!

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