More complaints from good old Ace Backwords

Things that annoy me. People who don’t know how to wait on a line!! There are TWO windows open at the pharmacy. But we’re all waiting in the same line. Or should be. Only some genius decided instead of waiting at the one line alongside the counter — like we usually always do — they split off into two lines. So now I’m standing here in this line blocking traffic in the middle of the aisle.

I pick the long line — there’s only one other person waiting in the other line, so I figure when they’re done at least we can consolidate into one line. But that backfires. Instead people just keep going to the shorter line. And get served ahead of me. Which only makes me more and more pissed.

Then I make an ass of myself. Someone cuts right in front of me and goes to the window ahead of me. I angrily sneer: “Dude!!! I’ve been standing here waiting on line ahead of you!! What are you doing??” He explains: “I had been here a half hour earlier and they told me to come back when my order was ready.” “Oh,” I said. “But how was I supposed to know that??”

So now I feel like a fool. Finally I get to the window. Start to do my transaction. When I try to pay with cash the clerk tells me, “I’m sorry. This is a cash-less window. You have to go to the other window.” “Does that mean I have to wait on line AGAIN????” I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. “No we can take care of it.” So I cut in front of the guy who had been getting his order at the window — he steps back graciously (or maybe with a modicum of fear — there are a lot of nuts these days ready to go off on somebody in public and maybe I’m one of them) — and lets me take care of my order.

The End!!!!!!!!!

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