It’s Moo Cat’s world we just live in it

I always get a kick out of Moo Cat. She is such a character. She is the opposite of an “obsequious” kind of pet. You can see it in her facial expression. She feels she rules. “It’s Moo Cat’s world and we just live in it.” Ha ha. . . I might pet her for 20 minutes. But when I finally stop petting her, and push her off my chest and tell her “the party’s over” and I gotta get up and go, she’ll always groan and growl angrily at me. Like: “I didn’t tell you to stop petting me!! Get back here!!” She might even try to slash me with her claws. Ha ha. She’s genuinely pissed. She’s no longer getting what she wants — more pets and more attention — and she damn well won’t stand for it. It’s an outrage, I tell you!!

You gotta respect a 10 pound creature who looks a 200 pound creature right in the face and demands to be treated as an equal. Or more to the point, as a superior.

I love that about Moo Cat. She’s a tough cat!

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