A strange dream (are there any other kind?)

Strange dream. . . I’m back living in my house in Arizona. This old woman shows up in my backyard and she takes offense at something I said for no apparent reason. She angrily calls out to her companion to avenge her grievance. This big black man in a holyman-type robe shows up and threatens me with a lead pipe. I try to explain to him that I meant no offense. Another woman shows up, who I assume is his wife, and a young girl. They’re both wearing orange robes like spiritual devotees. He explains that the young girl was a runaway who they took in to keep her out of trouble. They’re like some kind of self-styled cult with the man as the leader. He points a gun at me and menaces me. I’m not sure what he wants from me, whether he’s going to rob and assault me, or if he simply wants to move his family into my home, or take me hostage and force me to join his cult. I have him pegged as a con-man but he also believes his crazy spiritual trip, and the women are all true believers. I manage to wrestle the gun out of his hands, but I can’t get it to work. I’m in my living room and I run to the front door to get out of the house and escape, but I can’t get the door unlocked. Finally I get outside just before he pounces on me, and before I leave I call out to him: “I’m calling the FBI. So you better be out of my house and gone before I get back!!”. . . I wake up.

Unlike me, Mini Scaredy always looks like she was in the middle of the most wonderful dreams whenever she wakes up.


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