Adjusting to life on the streets

We were talking about street people on another thread. And how every street person makes their own unique adjustments to the challenges of living on the streets.

And, needless to say, many street people bring their own unique quirks and peculiarities to the situation. . . I was thinking about this one particular street person who was on the Telegraph Street scene for many years back in the day. He was famous for going up to total strangers who were just sitting there minding their own business and shouting in their faces: “STOP BOTHERING ME!!” . . ..Obviously he was unclear of the concept of “bothering people,” and what that entailed. And, not surprisingly, he got in a fair share of confrontations with people over the years, often leading to fights and physical violence. And over the years, he seemed to take the brunt of a lot of that violence. Periodically he would show up back on the scene. And I’d notice he was walking with a pronounced limp. And the next time he showed up he might have a seriously bruised face. And then the next time, he might be sporting a broken arm. And so on. And over the years he seemed to get more and more hobbled.

But, on the positive side, he also got much more quiet over the years. So that was an adjustment.

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