Day 1 of the Rainy Season

November 1st. The first day of the 5-month Berkeley Rainy Season. And it rained! Which seemed like an omen. And, even more ominous, the rain a.) caught me completely by surprise, and b.) it came down at the worst possible time — around 4 AM, when I’m dead asleep, as well as seriously hungover, and in no condition to deal with the thing. So it was the dreaded double-whammy. All you can do at that point is lay there in the darkness under your blankets, and grit your teeth as the rain relentlessly pitter-patters down on your increasingly soggy blankets. While occassionally cursing at the gods for some mindless grudge I harbor against the known universe.

Mini Scaredy, on the other hand, seemed to be thoroughly enjoying herself this morning, enjoying the novelty of the rain. She was even more affectionate and playful than usual, frollicking amidst the wetness, and every now and then vigorously shaking the rain water off of her fur and right into my face. She’s so cute.

So here we go again. . . I do this weird thing every year where I actually count off in my head, every day of the 5-month Rainy Season. From November to March. 150 days. And counting them off is a psychological ploy — it can often seem like the Rainy Season is endless when you’re plodding through the middle of it. But counting the days off gives you a sense that you’re making some kind of progress. Like when you reach Day 75 on January 15, you realize you’ve made it through exactly half of the season. You’re halfway home. Then when you reach Day 100 you realize you’re two-thirds of the way through — 100 days down and only 50 to go. So you get a sense that the end is in sight.

So today is Day 1. And I’ll keep counting off the days. Until I FINALLY reach Day 150 on March 31. And Spring has finally spring.

See you then.


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