Being remembered

When my friend Duncan died in 2009 there was a big memorial service for him on Telegraph Avenue and a hundred people showed up to pay tribute and it was written up with headlines in the local newspapers and CBS News did a big national news story about him.

A couple weeks later my friend Vincent Johnson died. There were no memorial services. There were no articles in the local newspapers. And the national TV news didn’t do any features about his passing. But Vince was just as cool, and just as beloved, as Duncan. And yet after he died, they just gathered up a couple of bags of his meager possessions that he had in the hotel room where he was living and dumped them in a dumpster. And that was the end of Vince.

I guess ultimately it doesn’t really matter how you’re remembered.

Still. I’d like to be remembered as a guy who — his cats really liked him.


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