Tormenting Moo Cat needlessly

I put out two cans of cat food for Moo Cat this morning. After eating she kept pestering me. Jumping all over me, and jumping all over my backpack and giving me these pleading looks. She knows I keep the special treats — fresh meat and cheese — in my backpack. And she wanted some. I tried to explain to her that I just didn’t have any special treats for her today. But she was inconsolable. I thought to myself: “She’s spoiled rotten. Plain old cat food isn’t good enough for her anymore.”

Then later, when I got into town, I opened up my backpack and realized I had a big bag of leftover fried fish that I had ground-scored the other day but had forgotten about. The smell of the fish in my pack must have been driving Moo Cat nuts (I’m told cats have 14 times better sense of smell than humans — what we smell at 14 feet, they smell at 140 feet). If she could talk she probably would have said: “ASSHOLE! What’s the deal with all that fish??”

I ended up throwing the fish out. By the time I see Moo Cat tomorrow it’ll be 3 days old. And I don’t like to take any chances with old food. But I blew that one


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