Me and my roomie Mini Scaredy

Me and Mini Scaredy live together in pretty much complete harmony. Which is pretty remarkable considering how disharmonious I’ve been with most of the other creatures I’ve tried to live with. Just about the only problems we ever have is: occassionally Mini Scaredy will start crying at me if she feels I’m not giving her the attention she feels she so richly deserved. And every now and then, when she’s sleeping on top of me, she’ll mildly annoy me because she’s in my way when I want to roll over on my other side.

But the only real conflict we ever had was this one time when I accidentally beaned her on the head with this big stick (you can see the bruise around her nose in this photo). She went running down the trail after that, and she disappeared for several days, and for awhile I was worried that she would never return to my campsite. . . This is the story of that whole fiasco:


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