An embarrassing moment for Moo Cat the feral cat

One of my FB friends asked me how Moo Cat was doing; mentioned I hadn’t posted any recent photos in awhile. . . Well, that is certainly a glaring omission. So here’s a shot of Moo Cat from this morning, after wolfing down a big breastfast. Chilling on the “bridge” — this large tree branch that spans across the creek. Getting ready to head up the hill to her territory on the other side of the creek. But keeping an eye out on me, just in case I put out any more treats in the cat food dish. In which case she’ll turn around and come sprinting back to me.

Only once in all these years did I see Moo Cat fall off the “bridge.” It’s a good drop — about 20 feet to the creek below. She got careless and slipped and fell overboard. But before she fell all the way down, she managed to grab ahold of the tree branch with her claws. Hung there like that for about 10 seconds, swaying back and forth in the air, her two front arms stretched out as long as they could go. Until she finally righted herself, let go of the tree, and gracefully fell down to the creek (which fortunately was dry). Picked herself up and scampered out of there, uninjured, except for the embarrassment to her pride (the klutz, ha ha).

Moo Cat.

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