My R. Crumb story

R. Crumb born on this day August 30, 1943, turns 79.

This is one of my R. Crumb stories that I’ve told multiple times over the years. . . The last time I was actually in a movie theater was around 1996, the legendary old UC Theater, fondly remembered by many Berkeley movie aficionados. Me and Duncan were there to watch the documentary about Crumb (Duncan was a total R. Crumb nut and had probably already seen the film five times). . . Anyways, my favorite scene in the movie was near the end where they filmed Crumb in his studio where he drew his comics, and he had most of his stuff packed up in boxes — he was on the verge of moving to France. At one point Crumb got up and moved, and I was surprised to see that there was a copy of our Telegraph Avenue Street Calendar from that year (1991) hanging on the wall behind him (one of my Facebook friends sent me this screen shot from the movie). I practically jumped out of my chair. I was like: “C’MON PAN IN ON THE CALENDAR!! and “GET YOUR FAT HEAD OUT OF THE WAY CRUMB SO PEOPLE CAN SEE THE CALENDAR!!” Ha ha. You know me, it’s always “all about me” with me. . . It was weird though in a way, that he had our calendar on his wall, considering they put out various calendars every year with Crumb’s comics on them. But there you go. . . At any rate, I found that scene to be particularly gripping and evocative, as they say.

*. *. *.

Another favorite oft repeated Crumb story. I was watching this video interview with Crumb, and the interviewer asked him who the “craziest” artists were that he had to deal with when he was editor of WEIRDO. And I was surprised that he listed “Ace Backwords” among his top three contributors. Ha ha. I was surprised. Not that he considered me crazy. But that there was so much competition considering how crazy so many of the other WEIRDO contributors were. . . I felt strangely honored.


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