Ignorance may not be bliss but bring a know-it-all ain’t so hot either

The Greek and Roman gods always had this recurring theme where they’d curse a mortal for some transgression. A mortal would piss off one of the gods for some reason, and the god would really let him have it with a curse.

One really mind-warping curse was: This god cursed this one mortal he was really pissed off at by giving him the gift to forsee the future. Only nobody would believe him. That was the curse. I can’t remember the dude’s name. But the gods really hit him with a mind-warping curse.

For example, the mortal would get a premonition that a big earthquake was about to hit. And he’d warn everybody in advance: “THE EARTHQUAKE IS COMING!! THE EARTHQUAKE IS COMING!! WE MUST PREPARE FOR IT NOW WHILE THERE’S STILL A CHANCE!!”

But nobody would believe him. They’d all sneer: “Quit harshing my buzz with all that doom and gloom talk, asshole.”

Then when the earthquake did hit, it was too late to do anything about it.

Some artists and visionaries are like that. They see it coming. Clearly. But nobody believes them. It’s like having this superpower. But it’s an impotent superpower. By the time people realize what you’re saying. It’s too late.

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