Day 18 of the People’s Park Re-Occupation

Day 18 of the People’s Park Re-Occupation: This abandoned big, yellow crane is apparently now a permanent part of the landscape. An enduring symbol of the University’s hasty and ignominious retreat (I’ve been waiting a long time to use “ignominious” in a sentence). . . The vibe in the park is more friendly and pleasant than it’s been in a long time. And a certain element — who had made the park a somewhat unpleasant experience for many years — is noticeable by their absence. And not particularly missed. And now there are more supporters showing up in People’s Park every day.

I admit when I showed up on August 3 when the University had fenced in the park and started their construction project, I mostly showed up because I thought it would be my last chance to see the park before it was destroyed. I’m still surprised at how it all turned out. When I saw the army of riot police retreating when the protesters confronted them, it was so unexpected to me, the only explanation I could come up with at the time was “divine intervention.” Which may have been a bit of a stretch. But not by much.

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