An urgent message from Mini Scaredy the feral cat

I’m dead asleep taking an afternoon nap (one of the great joys of old age — afternoon naps!) when I’m awoken by the sound of a cat meowing. It’s Mini Scaredy. She’s standing there about 5 feet away from me down the hill, meowing over and over. In this urgent way. Like she has something very important that she simply must communicate to me. I look down and see a dead mouse by her feet. A pretty big one. Apparently, she feels the need to wake me up with her incessant meowing and show it to me before she eats it for some reason. . . Maybe she’s just showing off, she wants me to see what a great-ass hunter she is (“Look what I caught!! Pretty good, huh??”). Or maybe she’s just checking to see if I’m hungry, and if I might need some food too, so she can share it with me before she eats it. Who knows. But she definitely wants me to see her dead mouse.

She trots over to where I’m laying, climbs on top of my chest, and I pet her for a couple minutes. Then she goes back down to her mouse and proceeds to gobble the entire thing down. I take a quick glance, and then look away (that whole routine can veer into savagery).

After eating, Mini Scaredy climbs back up on my blankets, spends a couple minutes grooming herself, and then quickly falls into a deep and satisfying sleep. . . For such a little savage, she’s pretty adorable.

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