Moo Cat at 65

Moo Cat is 13-and-a-half years old. Which is like 65 in human years. So Moo Cat is a bona fide Senior Citizen. And she’s probably ancient in terms of feral cats. Where the life expectancy is like 2 years or some shit like that.

But Moo Cat is still full of energy and piss and vinegar in her old age. Which I love to see. I’ll give you an example. When I show up at her feeding spot in the morning she jumps all over me. She’s so happy and excited to see me. She’s full of life. She’s not blasé that’s for damn sure. And when I open up a can of cat food and try to dump it in the food dish, Moo Cat immediately bulls her head right into the middle of the dish. She’s so excited. She knows she’s about to be fed food…. But I have to kind of pry her head away from the food dish. Otherwise I’d dump the food right on her head while I’m trying to dump the food into the food dish. But she’s so excited and happy about the prospect of eminent food, it’s difficult to pry her head away. Her head is like strong as bull. She REALLY wants to get at that food. And I often do end up dumping some of the cat food on her head.

But I LOVE that about Moo Cat. She’s 65 years old but she’s still really excited about being alive

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