Mini Scaredy sorta’ loves me

Mini Scaredy the feral cat is weird. It’s like she’s madly in love with me and wants to be around me all the time.

Sometimes I’m like, “What’s wrong with you, Mini Scaredy?? I can barely stand to be around myself half the time (I’m full of self-loathing and etc). But you want to be around me ALL the time. You wait for me to show up every night at my campsite. And sleep with me all night long. And then the FIRST thing in the morning, the second I wake up, you rush up and get right in my face because you’re so happy to see me.”

I guess a lot of it is because I feed her. And pet her. But just once I’d like to see how I look through her eyes. I’d probably look like the cool guy I always wished I was.


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