Micro Scaredy the feral kitten

I haven’t seen Micro Scaredy in a year, since she disappeared from the Cal football stadium. This is a shot of her as an adorable wee kitten (everybody go “AWWW!!”). She had that distinctive black dot on the middle of her nose. . . Micro Scaredy was a bit of a hellion as a kitten. One of those kittens that didn’t like to be petted. But she loved to play Attack The Hand when I’d tease her, and she’d claw at my hand and chew on it and kick at it — like a prey she was devouring. She also liked to wake me up in the middle of the night when she was hungry. She’d swat at my face with her claw to get my attention. And if I tried to avoid her by ducking under the covers, she’d sit right on my head. But the funny thing was, the whole time she was harassing me she’d be purring like crazy. She ENJOYED being a prick. . . Mini Scaredy — who never had kittens — adopted Micro Scaredy when she was 3 months old, and raised her as if she were her own. The two of them were best friends and inseparable companions for the first two years of Micro Scaredy’s life. Until Mini Scaredy suddenly turned against her, in a territorial power struggle, and ran her out of my campsite. . . Wherever she is now, Micro Scaredy is about 5 years old.

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