The “butt” of the gag

We were talking about Community Service on another thread. . . One of my most ironic bits of Community Service: It was well after midnight, a cold, rainy night. And I was stuck under the awning of this balcony. I had drank my last beer. And now I had just smoked my last cigarette. And then the battery went dead on my transistor radio. So I was really at the end of my rope. Sitting there like the sad-sack loser of all-time. . . So, out of disgust for my situation, I flung my cigarette butt over the railing of the balcony (something I generally don’t do — I don’t condone litter). Where it happened to land right on the head of this cop who happened to be walking up the path below. The cop was so pissed — he thought I did it on purpose — he hit me with a $250 littering ticket for that one cigarette butt. And I ended up spending 25 hours picking up thousands of cigarette butts in the park in order to repay my debt to society for that one lousy cigarette butt.

Moral of the story? Life isn’t fair.

And yet I still somehow believe on a karma level there is a certain order to things, and that this all makes sense on some level. Though I certainly can’t prove it to you.


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