We were talking about “altruism” and people who do “service” on another thread. And how it takes a special type to do service to others. I suppose you could summarize three basic human types thusly:

There’s the basic human attitude:
“I’ll do this for you if you’ll do that for me.”
Then there’s the bum attitude:
“You do this for me and I’ll do nothing for you.”
Then there’s the service attitude:
“I’ll do this for you and you don’t have to do anything for me.”

I guess the only area of my life where I’m somewhat altruistic and service-orientated is with my cats. With some of my cats, after I feed them they’re very affectionate to me. While with other of my cats, after I feed them they just walk away. . . And yet I love them all the same.

And yet still, I personally get a joy and happiness from my cats. So am I doing it for the cats? Or for myself? Even in my “selfless” acts I usually find my own self-interests lurking in there somewhere under the surface. But that’s just me. Like I said, I’m not over-loaded with feelings of altruism… . It’s probably why I ended up a self-absorbed artist.


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