Sail on sailor

Sail on, sailor. . . Another morning in paradise for Mini Scaredy.

Cats are a pretty quiet animal. And especially feral cats, who go out of their way not to be noticed. But Mini Scaredy is the most verbal of any cat I’ve ever known. She regularly meows at me, calls out to me. And she has a variety of different meows. . . Whenever I’m laying on my blankets and she shows up, she always calls out to me with this squeaky little meow as she’s approaching me. It’s her way of saying “Hello. It’s ME. Didja’ miss me??” And also, especially in the dark of night, it’s her way of letting me know: “Hey I’m over here right next to you. Don’t roll over and squash me!” . . . Then she has this other little meow where she’s asking me if it’s OK if she climbs up on my chest and hangs out. Like she wants to get permission first, or make sure she’s not interrupting me if I’m busy doing something. . . Then she has this other meow — sort of a mildly whining meow — that means that she could REALLY use some attention. She’s SOOOO lonely, and would it kill me to pet her over and over and over for at least the next 30 minutes until she falls asleep, is that really too much to ask of her human???

In a way, I accidentally trained her to meow a lot. Because she knows whenever she meows at me I’ll immediately go “What’s WRONG??” And rush over to give her anything she wants or needs. So I guess it’s more that she has ME trained.


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