Offended for life

Back when I had my Ace Backwords Facebook page I once got friended by this person. Later she unfriended me. But before she left she told me the specific reason, the specific offensive personality trait that I possessed, that had caused her to reject me and unfriend me.

Then later, when I got my Peter Labriola Facebook page, she friended me again. Only to eventually unfriend me again. And, once again, she announced to me before she left, the specific offensive personality trait — this time a different one — that had caused her to reject me and unfriend me.

I was tempted to start up a third Facebook page under a different name. Just to see if she would friend me again and find yet another personality trait I possessed to be offended by.

Because I got the impression that this person went through her life in a state of being perpetually offended. Of verily seeking out reasons to be offended virtually everywhere she went. So that she might have the satisfaction of rejecting people everywhere she went. I wondered what exactly the psychology of it was. Was it some kind of lofty ego kick?? “You, sir, lack my exalted level of wonderfulness!!”

Still, I thought: How strange. To go through life like that. Constantly taking offense.

But then I realized: I was offended by her being so offended. And then it didn’t seem so strange.

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