No mo’ Ho Jo

Another childhood institution bites the dust.

Howard Johnson’s used to be all over the place, at least back in the east coast, back then. I remember feeling very “adult” when I was in high school and we used to cut class in the morning and go out for breakfast at “Ho Jo’s.” I think that’s the first time I ever drank coffee. . .

I remember another time, one Friday night after a little too much consumption of alcohol, me and my friends decided to steal the weather vane that was on top of the steeple on the roof of Howard Johnson’s. I’m not sure why, I’m not even sure what we planned to do with the thing, but it was very important to us that we get it. So we waited until well after closing time, and then around 2 AM we scaled the roof, and took turns climbing up the steeple. But none of us could figure out how to pry off the weather vane. So, eventually we slunk off in defeat. It’s amazing we didn’t break our fool necks by slipping off the roof, which was at a steep angle. . . Sometimes I think it’s a miracle I survived my senior year of high school, some of the stupid stunts I pulled.

At any rate, RIP Howard Johnson’s.

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