Making sense of it all

I admit, a lot of this life doesn’t make any sense to me. Like this joint on Telegraph. There used to be a great Mexican restaurant at this spot. They made these absolutely delicious, large steak Super Burritos, with sour cream and guacamole. And reasonably priced, too. I used to go in there at least once a week to buy one of those suckers. They were a meal in itself. And all the other items on the menu were great, too. And the place was always packed with people, night and day.

Then one day I went by, and they had gone out of business. Much to my everlasting sorrow.

But here’s the weird part. Shortly after, ANOTHER Mexican restaurant opened up at the same spot. I went in there once. The food was lousy and I never went back. And whenever I walk by the place, it’s usually almost completely empty. . . And yet, they’re STILL in business years later. While the OTHER Mexican restaurant went out of business.

. . . I gave up on trying to figure out this life a long time ago.

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