Ace Backwords factsheet

For no particular reason. . . Obscure and odd Ace Backwords facts:

— My favorite candy bar is Snickers with almonds
— My favorite vegetable is Tater Tots
— My favorite movie is “Gulliver’s Travels” (animation version)
— My favorite TV sit-com is “Taxi”
— My favorite song is “Pachelbel Canon in D”
— I was a middle child with older brother, older sister, younger brother, younger sister — all the possible variations of sibling relations. So you’d THINK I’d be good at relationships. But NO.
— I didn’t have my first girlfriend until I was 23
— I might be the only person on the planet to interview both Johnny Rotten and Charles M. Schulz
— I’ve never really punched anybody or inflicted physical pain on another person, but I’ve inflicted all sorts of emotional, mental and psychic pain, unfortunately
— One of the few foods I don’t like is beets, just the name alone should tell you they’re no good, they’re beat
— I’ve had a gun pressed up to my head and a knife pressed up against my thoat, and yet to this day my head remains firmly attached to my neck
— I went 30 years without seeing a dentist, but for some unknown reason I still have all of my teeth, except for two in the back that I lost during a meth binge (meth mouth)

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