My brush with greatness

Paul McCartney is in Oakland this weekend for two shows. Which is kind of mind-boggling to think that nearly 60 years after I first saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964, age 7, McCartney is still going strong in year 2022.

The closest I’ve come to seeing a Beatle live was in 2010 when Paul McCartney did a show in San Francisco (which was a whole ‘nother debacle, you can read about it here: ) . …
I think the last big stadium rock show I went to was when I saw Jethro Tull play at the Oakland Colesium in 1978. After that, I preferred seeing my live music in small clubs with a bottle of beer in my hand. . . Hate Man (of all people) actually saw Paul McCartney the one time he played Berkeley back in 1990. For some reason Macca ended up playing the gig at the Cal football stadium (which is an odd venue for a rock show). The only thing I remember about that show, I was living on the main street of Berkeley at the time, and after the show I watched the caravan of limousines parading down the street on their way to the freeway, and I remember looking out my 2nd floor window and thinking: “Paul McCartney is in one of those cars.” . . So that’s my BRUSH with GREATNESS!!!

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