The return of a crazy street woman

This crazy street woman who’s been hanging out at the table behind me is starting to make me a little nervous. She’s been doing weird things and making weird noises for some time now. Doing things like changing her clothes multiple times — practically stripping naked — for no apparent reason. Then she walked by me, stooped down and picked up all the nuts on the ground that I had thrown out for the squirrels, and tossed them over the balcony. Again, for no apparent reason. . . Now she’s pretending to write on the wall, even though she doesn’t have a pen in her hand.

All types of people in this world of ours. . . I suppose that’s a good thing in a way.

I’m not completely sure, but a think it might be the same nut that dosed Hate Man several years ago. She slipped something in his coffee when he wasn’t looking, and Hate nodded out right in front of me. I had to call 911 and have him hauled off to the hospital — I thought he was dying. . . . She had been previously arrested for stabbing good old Officer Jones in the park. . . . And then after dosing Hate, she tried to dose this little kid who was playing on the swings in People’s Park with meth (which was about the worst kind of publicity we could get for the park — they later tore the kid’s playground out of the park on the grounds that the place wasn’t fit for children). They finally locked her up after that one. But it looks like she’s back out. Her wonders to behold.

I’ll never forget when she dosed Hate Man. I was sitting there talking with him one night, when he suddenly started slurring his words, and then he keeled over right in front of me. Completely knocked out. I thought he was dying. In the hospital when they did the blood tests they found the drugs in his system. Everyone that knows Hate knows he didn’t do drugs. Turns out she had a history of dosing people. She’s completely mad, the poor dear. But what can you do about people like that? Eventually they usually just end up back out on the streets.

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