People’s Park 53rd Anniversary

53rd Anniversary concert today. . . It’s funny, I keep thinking of the 18th Anniversary concert in 1988 (which doesn’t seem that long ago). Julia Vinograd got up on stage and read a poem about how the park was now 18-years-old, a legal adult. And did a whole riff on that concept. This bratty, rowdy, juvenile delinquent — People’s Park — had finally grown up.

And now, somehow, People’s Park is 53-years-old. Middle-aged. And hanging by a thread. The University and the City have all their ducks in a row, poised and waiting with the bulldozers sitting at the ready, already scheduled to come storming into the park to tear it to shreds. And I’m sure they’ve already ordered the fencing to fence in the park and keep the people out of the park. And they’ve no doubt got an army of cops signed up to surround the park and fend off any protesters. The only remaining step is to get rid of the hundred or so homeless people who have been camping in the tents, and they’ve got millions of dollars and a motel all their own to dump those people off into. Which could be taken care of as soon as next month. And that would be it. The final step of the process. . .

Oh well. We’ll see how this all plays out.

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