The last photo I took of Hate Man

It’s hard to believe it’s been 5 years since Hate Man passed away (make obligatory “My how time flies!” comment). April 2, 2017. Age 80. . . This is the last photo I took of Hate. He was camping on the sidewalk across the street from People’s Park because this cop — who had been on his ass for some time — had hit him with a 14-day “stay-away” for some imagined offense. A couple days after I took this photo, Hate admitted himself into a medical facility to deal with some chronic health problems. And never returned. I ended up having to pack up all of Hate’s stuff, which was still laid out all over the sidewalk. He had so much stuff, I was barely able to cram it all into one of those large Berkeley Bowl shopping carts. . . So — among my odd claims to fame — I ended up as the last person to pack up Hate Camp.

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