Krash of Hate Camp

Krash, Ruth and Hate Man hanging out at Bench One on the Berkeley campus in 1993.

It’s like a classic photo in a way, of those bygone days. It illustrates one of the unusual aspects of the Hate Camp scene. Hate Camp was a typical “street scene” in one way, and it had it’s fair share of the usual street characters — the druggies, the lunatics, the panhandlers, the homeless, the street crazies, etc.

But Hate Camp also attracted a wide range of people that you probably wouldn’t associate with your garden variety type of street people. Like Krash, for example. He was actually a student at UC Berkeley at the time this photo was taken (hence his fairly straight appearance — he would get a lot more freaky later). He had graduated from Yale as a Religion major, and was doing post-graduate studies at Cal as kind of a Rabbinical scholar. When he happened to run into Hate Man one day hanging at his usual spot on the Berkeley campus. And they got to talking. And before you knew it, Krash — a nice Jewish boy from Long Island — had been sucked into Hate Man’s orbit. Krash ended up dropping out of Cal and spending the next decade living on the streets and hanging out alongside Hate Man as a virtual disciple of Hate Man. Meticously following and emulating Hate Man’s philosophy and way of living. Krash would be a staple of Hate Camp. Hate Man’s right-hand man. Sort of a Pancho Sanchez to Hate Man’s Don Quixote. As they both embarked on their crazy, surrealistic quest.

My point being, Hate Camp attracted a very unusual cast of characters over the years. Krash being one of them. It was like a salon in a way. A meeting of minds, and a non-stop philosophical/intellectual/spiritual/artistic conversation that went on for like 30 years

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