Blondie the supermodel of feral cats

I find all cats beautiful. But Blondie always seemed particularly beautiful. Like a perfectly formed supermodel or something. There was something very regal about her bearing. She never seemed to move quickly, she was very unhurried. And she’d often just sit there and look at you. . .

Blondie was the first feral cat I hooked up with. Way back in 2007 for godssake. She was just a little kitten who had been living in the bushes up the hill from my campsite with her two siblings before I even started camping there. Her mother (who looked just like her) had been hit by a car. I never once petted Blondie in all the years. But she hung out alongside me for 9 years, before she finally disappeared. Her daughter Moo Cat lives on at my campsite to this day.

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