A new one at 7-11

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, SOMEBODY comes up with a new one. . .

So I go down to 7-11 to buy one of those little packages of fresh fruit. SEASONAL FRUIT BLEND it says on the package. Cantaloupe, Kiwi, Mango, Strawberry. $3.99 out the door (I thought I’d try eating healthy food for awhile, see how that goes, I’ll try anything once). …. So anyways, I grab the package of fruit and I head up towards the front of the store to pay for it. There’s only one other person ahead of me on line, this woman getting her purchases rung up by the cashier. But just before I take my place on line behind her, this other guy walks in the front door and takes the place right ahead of me. It’s a little annoying. But the guy did beat me by a split second. So what’s fair is fair. He’s got that spot on line. And I figure he’s going to buy something from behind the counter: a lottery ticket or cigarettes or something like that. But then, after standing on line for about 20 seconds, he turns and heads up an aisle towards the back of the store. So I step up in the vacant space and take the spot on line directly behind the woman at the cash register.

But then the guy comes back, holding a bottle of soda, and says to me: “Can I re-claim my spot on line??”

I give him the patented Ace Backwords Look Of Disbelief, and say: “You CAN’T claim a spot on the line and then go off into the store and get your item!!”

He gives me a blank look, as if he’s trying to come up with the words that would rectify this situation in his favor, but is unable to come up with anything that would refute my irrefutable logic. So he turns on his heels and takes his rightful spot on line behind me.

THAT’S a new one. I’ll be sure to try that gambit next time I’m in a store purchasing something.

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