My underground newspaper Twisted Image

The front covers of the last 4 issues of my underground newspaper Twisted Image (the graphic lifted from an eBay ad where somebody was trying to sell the back issues). 1983-1986. I was in my 20s and just burning with energy. . .

A lot of it was great fun. Getting to publish my own newspaper. To be able to spew my take of reality onto the world — as opposed to just being a passive consumer of other people’s media. And it was also a great ego-kick in a way. Being able to say something and then have it magnified 5,000 times (which was our typical print run). . . And a lot of it was: I couldn’t get other publishers to publish my art and writing, so I just published it myself, and exactly like how I wanted it to be published. . . And it was a fun way to connect with other artists and writers. . .

I looked at Twisted Image more like a work of art than a typical newspaper, a typical piece of journalism. It just happened to be the only format I could afford to produce (each copy cost just pennies to print)…. Though probably most of the people who picked up a copy at the time just thought it was one more free newspaper, one more bit of fish-wrap newsprint, to read through for 10 or 15 minutes and then dump in the trash… . Though some discerning readers might have sensed that there was something a little odd and unusual and strange about this particular tabloid.

And I always strived to imbue the content of the pages with something of lasting interest. Something that would still have meaning and relevance and interest to readers, say, 35 years later in year 2022. And hopefully even beyond that.

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