Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner with his “best friend” the serial rapist Bill Cosby.

Hugh Hefner is in the news lately. I heard there’s a TV documentary that’s “re-assessing his legacy.”

Hugh Hefner was a whore-mongerer. He was a flesh-peddler. He was a glorified pimp. Hiding behind his facade of “class” and “luxury.” For a long while Hugh Hefner was on top of the mainstream media food chain (PLAYBOY used to sell 7 million copies a month). I heard freelance writers and artists got paid top dollar for getting published in his glossy magazine. PLAYBOY. But Hugh Hefner was nothing but a vampire who spent decades feeding off of young flesh. He was an exploiter of female beauty all the while trying to pass his putrid act off as “sexual liberation.”

A typical Hugh Hefner story.

Back in 1953 Hef managed to score some nude photos of Marilyn Monroe that had been taken when she was a struggling young actress. Good old Hef printed the photos in the first issue of PLAYBOY #1. And it caused a sensation. It’s what launched his magazine. And Hef ended up making millions off of those photos.

But Hef never paid Marilyn Monroe a dime for those photos. He didn’t even tell her beforehand that he was going to print the photos. Marilyn Monroe didn’t find out about it until after the issue hit the newsstands. And caused this big sensation and scandal. That nearly ruined her career.

And get this. Ole Hef never even bothered to send Marylin Monroe a copy of the issue of PLAYBOY #1 (that he made millions off of). She had to go to a newsstands and a buy a copy of PLAYBOY just to find out what he had done with her photos.

That’s exactly the kind of scumbag that Hugh Hefner was.

This is a good book about Hugh Hefner’s “best friend” Bill Cosby. 60 different women came forth with the exact same “drug rape” allegation against Bill Cosby. Or, as one wag put it, it was a: “He said. She said. She said. She said. She said. She said. She said. She said. Etc etc.”

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