You don’t need a Weatherman to know you’re freezing your ass off

Icy, chilly wind in the air tonight. Winter still has a little bit of a bite left to it. It’s supposed to get down near freezing every night this week. . .

It’s been a schizo winter. 20 inches of rain in the first half of the season. And virtually nothing in the second half, so far. We barely got a drop of rain in the entire months of January and February (historically the wettest months in the year). Who can figure? Well, nobody can figure. Beyond the 10-day forecast, nobody knows. It’s just guess-work after 10 days. Nobody can predict the long-range weather patterns. Like for instance, nobody knows when a Drought is going to start. Or when a Drought is going to end. For all of our very impressive meteorological equipment and our fancy-pants weather technology, nobody knows. It’s just one of those things that Mother Earth keeps secret from us mortal humans.

At any rate, it’s a good night to call it quits early. And go snuggle up in my nice, cosy campsite, with my nice warm blankets and my nice warm feral cats.

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