THE BOOK OF WEIRDO — available wherever weird books are bought and sold

I just noticed you can get THE BOOK OF WEIRDO for like 28 bucks on Amazon. Which is a DEAL if you’re into that kind of stuff. The thing is nearly 300 pages, and a hard-bound book, like a coffee table book, with large pages. Plus it has my face and Dennis’s face and Duncan’s face and Peter Bagge’s face and Harvey Pekar’s face on the cover, among many other faces, on the cover. So what more do you want.

I still haven’t gotten a chance to really read the damn thing. When I got my copy in the mail a couple years ago, I glanced through a bunch of the pages (mostly just reading about me to make sure nobody was talking shit about me or if I was quoted saying something stupid). And then I stored it in my storage locker along with all my other piles of shit. So I never really got a chance to read the damn thing. But one of these days I’m gonna pull that thing out and lovingly peruse every single page from cover to cover. . . Jon B. Cooke worked like a dog to produce the thing. And even R. Crumb — who hates everything except for women with large, hard buttocks like two basketballs that you could really pound — had to admit that he liked the thing. It’s a bona fide classic of underground comix. From Last Gasp Press.

Buy it now available for just 28 bucks if you’re interested. Because in a couple of years you’ll be lucky to find a copy for HUNDREDS of dollars.

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