Hate Man Superstar

On this day 7 years ago, February 23, 2015: Hate Man makes the frontpage of a local newspaper.

Hate Man was pretty media savy. He’d worked as a reporter for the New York Times, after all. So he knew the game. And he loved to talk (particularly about himself, ha ha). So he would give an ear-full to any reporter who got within his range over the years. And he always made for colorful copy. Knew how to come up with the perfect sound-bite, or work whatever story angle the reporters happened to be going with. And over the years, he garnered quite a bit of media coverage. And when he died, the story was featured on the local network TV news, as well as numerous prominent newspapers. Every scene has its “stars,” after all. Even the homeless street scene. And if Hate Man was anything, he was a star.

Hate Man also considered himself an important contemporary American philosopher, with a profound message to share with the masses (and who knows about that). So on one level he was eager to get the word out to the public. . . But as he got older, he got less inclined to seek out public attention. For one thing, he was quite happy with how he was living, and was comfortable “flying under the radar.” Along with a certain fear that the heat of the public spotlight shining on him might have unwanted side effects that could “upset the apple cart” of the somewhat precarious lifestyle he was leading. So he mostly kept to himself during his last decades, and puttered along quietly on the backstreets of life. But when the media did succeed in tracking him down, he’d usually oblige them.

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