Twisted Image #2 from 1982

I used to like to “push the envelope” a little bit with my artwork back in the day. I’m probably lucky I didn’t get into more trouble than I did. Like this cover from 1982. . . In retrospect I’m surprised I didn’t get a knock on my door from secret service agents (I know people who got in more trouble for less, for making “threatening” comments about the president).

Later, when I showed the cover to Johnny Rotten and asked him a question about his politics, he whined at me that it wasn’t fair to ask him a question like that because he had no idea what kind of point I was trying to make with the cover art — I think he thought I was trying to sand-bag him or something. . . And in truth I had no idea what I was doing, either. I was just drawing pictures and throwing it out there.

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